With an astonishing history of 113 years, Godrej has significant market share in the Indian Home Appliance sector. The company is growing its roots exponentially across the globe. There are many home appliances that Godrej makes, among which ACs, Refrigerators, Washing Machines, Geysers, and others are very popular. To keep your appliances in good condition, our Godrej service center in Hyderabad has highly qualified engineers. They can provide top quality services to the customers. We at econ service center provide installation and repair services for home appliances manufactured by Godrej.

Why our Godrej service center near you in Hyderabad better than others?

Godrej Service centre in Hyderabad, godrej service center near me,godrej customer care number ,godrej service centre number

100 percent customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is a top priority for our Godrej service and repair center in Hyderabad. Our engineers double-check the appliance before handing it over to the customer. We only use company-manufactured spare parts for the appliances and make sure every feature of the appliance is in perfect condition.

No hidden charges

There are two main aspects of the invoice. The first part of the invoice is our service charges, and the second part contains the cost of the spare parts (if any). We provide a detailed estimate before starting the work and mention everything on the invoice as well, including taxes. There are no hidden charges or miscellaneous charges at econ service center.

Godrej Service centre in Hyderabad, godrej service center near me,godrej customer care number ,godrej service centre number
Godrej Service centre in Hyderabad, godrej service center near me,godrej customer care number ,godrej service centre number

Highly skilled team

Our engineers are well trained to repair Godrej home appliances. Every time a new product is launched in the market, we provide specialized training to the engineers so that they get well versed in the technology.


We make sure that we only charge for the services that we have provided and nothing else. We are quite an affordable Godrej repair center in Hyderabad. Not only our services but the spare parts are sold at MRP only.

Godrej Service centre in Hyderabad, godrej service center near me,godrej customer care number ,godrej service centre number

Timely services

The customer must get the services on time. Once you call us for the repair services, we assign an engineer immediately for the job. At max, our engineer will visit your location within 48 hours and provide the desired services.

Godrej Service centre in Hyderabad, godrej service center near me,godrej customer care number ,godrej service centre number

What appliances we fix at our Godrej Repair Center in Hyderabad?

Washing Machine Service Center

For every family, a washing machine is much more useful if it works well. In the case of drain clogging, non-working of spinner and dryer, program panel; it may not work as required. To set it right, one can call our Godrej Washing Machine Service Center. Our professionals at econ service centers can check and fix the issues.

Refrigerator Service

For modern families, a refrigerator is a primary appliance to use. For cold water or keep vegetables and food, this appliance is much more useful. However, in case of trouble with compressor or temperature control, it may not work as desired. To fix the same, you can call our Godrej Repair Center and seek help from an expert.

AC Service

To offer required cooling at home, an AC can be the best appliance. If it has to struggle with a compressor or motor as well as drain, it may not work well. Only a technician from our Godrej AC Service Center can help the client to enjoy this appliance.

Micro Oven Service Center

A micro oven can help one roast the food. If this appliance has an issue with its power panel or temperature settings, it may not function accurately. One can call the helpline of our Godrej Micro Oven Service Center to get it repaired.

Frequently Asked Question?
  • How much the Godrej service center in Hyderabad charge?

    It depends on the damage and the cost of the spare parts that we have to use. Our engineer will be able to provide an estimate after determining the fault.
  • What is the turnaround time for the repair services at our Godrej service center in Hyderabad?

    You can expect the appliance back within 24 hours to 48 hours.
  • Do you need to send my Godrej appliance to your service center?

    It depends on the condition of the appliance. If we can repair it at your location, we will try that first. Otherwise, you can drop it to our Godrej service center in Hyderabad.
  • How can you reach us?

    You can reach us by calling on 8374999684, or you can mail us using the contact form on the Contact Us page. Otherwise, you can also visit our Godrej service center in Hyderabad..

Call our Godrej customer care number for best services with affordable prices

Godrej is a famous company that is Mumbai based and deals with a variety of fields. It has appliances from the daily needs, the furniture and the commercial appliances as well. It has a fine team of technicians, engineers and designers who work tirelessly on the appliances of different areas, with a great aesthetic value and ergonomically value as well. The company has gained a lot of reputation and name for itself in the home appliances sector more than anything. Godrej also has many Godrej service centres spread across the prime cities and the metropolis, the reason being; any machine would break down after a certain time and needs a technical support for the same. The best thing, Godrej suggests, is that the customers should not get their appliances repaired or fixed at any other service centre than the trademarked and the trusted ones which are either by the Godrej or tied up by the Godrej authenticated company. Here are some of the prime fields that are authentically manufactured by the Godrej Company and are looked after at, by the Godrej Service centre. Substance & commodities, Godrej Industries, Chemicals, Vegetable Oils, Consumer Goods, Godrej Customer Products, Godrej International Mideast FZE, Godrej Philippines – HIT, STELLA, MITU, Household, Godrej SCA Cleanliness Limited, Godrej Hershey Meals & Drinks Limited, Animal Feeds, Golden Nourish Products, Oil Palm, Agricultural Inputs, Plant Biotech, Services, Godrej Hi-Care (Pest Control Services), Godrej International Alternatives (ITES), Godrej Properties, Godrej Info-tech. All of these appliances have specialized Godrej service centres in and around the metropolis and has been looking toward these products tirelessly. The biggest advantage of using or being into the consumers of the Godrej Sectors (Chemicals Division) is the flexibility, thanks to the complicated, is an advanced level of functional versatility to fulfil customers’ specifications with a short notice time. The service is well prepared to provide the products of excellent Quality, in efforts and at affordable price. Even being consumer-friendly and being affordable is the plus point of this company.

Where would one find authenticated service centres in Hyderabad?

Godrej Company is pretty much more into the home appliances sector than any other market sector of manufacturing. Consumers take to Godrej because of great aesthetic look and the affordable prices and are the leading brand so far. The Godrej service centre in Hyderabad is a pretty much difficult to task to find, if one does not take to the internet for the solutions. One can’t just take to the roads and find one. Because different authenticated service centres look after different section of the appliances. More than 1200 major suppliers & traders, 6000 retail stores, and 1200 support centres & franchisees across the country, the Godrej service centres make it possible for the consumers to relax and enjoy the services of the company. Keeping our drive towards complete client satisfaction on point, are constant investments and enhancements operating facilities. The Service Van facility, for example: apart from Godrej – trained specialists, our 30 exclusive, fully equipped support vehicles, respond immediately to client phone calls in select centres. The Godrej Service Centre in Hyderabad and the Brilliant Service Plan are other firsts-of-their-kind enhancements. Currently in Hyderabad, we look after almost every gadget from every brand, with utmost care and authentication. The unique Brilliant Service Plan implemented by Godrej, is designed to ensure efficient, affordable support for your appliances and that’s what we too follow in here, at our Gadget service centre. Hence, the best thing would be to first search online as to where these are present and then look for authentication. The website that one can choose, to find the authenticated service centres in Hyderabad is http://www.econservicecenter.com.This website has every detail one would want regarding the Godrej service centres and in Hyderabad, specially. It is more like help centre for a help centre. It is the best thing to do, to have a background research rather than have the appliances in the hands of the local repairing or fixing centres that simply hamper the original parts and machine components and would not take any guarantee of the same.

Why should one go with the Gadget service centre?

Gadget service centre and the link provided above is the only service centre across the metropolitan city that deals with appliances of every brand and is authentically into repairing and fixing the branded products. It is very much into dealing with the home appliances and the gadgets Godrej manufactures. GADGETS SERVICE CENTER is the technology repairing or fixing Service centre, which offers its solutions to all the nationwide, worldwide labelled and local digital automotives that are seen in every house. The thing being, we have the trademark of not hampering any parts of any brand’s products and we like to keep the reputation of the same. As the technology has been growing beyond its limit, and growing its paws all over the world. At this time because of the use of product causes them to wear out and the performance lowers. To fix the item, we improve the performance of the item and make sure that it will not be any more problematic again in the future. The Godrej Service centre in Hyderabad is provided by our experienced and highly professional specialists that would allow you to trust the authentication of our GADGETS SERVICE CENTER again and again if any of your household automobile devices are not functioning properly, which is evidently possible with the gadgets. They tend to break down after a certain time. Also, we have the maintenance of these gadgets’ as well. You can call our Godrej customer care number where We provide our solutions for Appliances, Televisions, Cleaning Devices, Microwave Ranges, Digital cameras of any brand. We are hub for the home-based electronic devices and home appliances that have the newest of the electrical technology in it. Hence, the thing about the gadgets and their service centres has been cleared with the help of the Godrej service centre located in Hyderabad and is growing with a tremendous rate, owing to the trust of its customers.